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Jeanette May, PhD, MPH

Jeanette May has over twenty years of experience as a healthcare leader in the nonprofit and for profit health care sectors. Dr. May's experience includes leading several large healthcare associations including the Healthcare Systems Research Network and the Surgical Collaborative of Wisconsin. In addition, Dr. May has served as a sub contractor for multiple contracts with NIH and others. Dr. May has been published in the areas of population health, rural health, collaborative quality, and community cancer care.


Bailey Nolting

Bailey is a communication and event planning expert with expertise in healthcare specifically. Her prior experience includes serving as the Communications and Event Planning Specialist at the Surgical Collaborative of Wisconsin. In this role she contributed to helping plan the Collaborative's Regional Meetings by organizing outreach, social media, and planning of the meetings.


Ms. Nolting has also done work for HERO Health where she supports the Communications Director with various tasks including social media and design. 


She has previously worked for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay under the Communications and Public Relations Manager assisting with planning social media, organizing external media, and writing intake and adoption press releases. 


Ms. Nolting worked for SOFWERX as a graphic designer creating graphics using Adobe Creative Cloud that are used on the SOFWERX social media pages, website, and printed designs for events.

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Jaden Henneman

Jaden is a financial assistant after recently graduating from UW-Madison majoring in business management. Her experience comes from managing her own business and coordinating with the administrative services of World Dairy Expo. Keeping large conferences orderly is her forte as she previously organized a variety of events for the International Agribusiness Center of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture.


Jaden previously worked in conjunction with the UW Athletic Department at their food and beverage partner which handled the financials of their stadium vendors. 


Isabelle Boyer

As a current student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Isabelle is pursuing a dual

major in Environmental Studies and Community and Nonprofit Leadership. Across her

academic path, volunteer commitments, and professional undertakings, she has eagerly

embraced various leadership roles and proactively participated in community initiatives.

These experiences have undeniably ignited her fervor for collaborative endeavors and

have solidified her aptitude for motivating and guiding diverse teams. She is driven by a

relentless commitment to success and possess an innate ability to bring out the best in


Isabelle’s leadership style is characterized by approachability, unwavering passion,

meticulous organization and planning, and an unshakeable dedication to achieving


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Jean Range, MS, BSN

Jean Range, MS, BSN, is a healthcare executive and transformational leader with expertise in population health, care management, healthcare quality and change management. 

Her strong strategic orientation and aptitude for product/program development and management have proven to be a powerful foundation for success in leading both population health operations and product lines. A true conceptual thinker, she possesses the ability to transform concepts into reality, and to communicate a compelling strategic vision capable of generating excitement and motivation among stakeholders.

As Executive Director of Strategic Business Initiatives with The Joint Commission, she led the growth of the Disease-Specific Certification product line, including the creation of 10 clinical certification offerings, from ideation through all phases of development and implementation, resulting in widespread adoption of evidence-based care in several clinical areas. In addition, she established and managed external strategic alliances with multiple nonprofit associations seeking to improve care. 

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